Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Bastardization of FREEDOM as the Key to Capitalism

An advert for a credit card says, "The new Platinum Card identifies you as someone who appreciates Financial Freedom."

But what does 'Financial Freedom' mean and has it anything to do with REAL Freedom or is it simply an attempt by a profit driven institution to manipulate the psychology of the human being?

Freedom is one of those words, like 'Love' which entices the human to make decisions which are not Best for All but only serve to enhance the consumer experience. Financial Freedom in this context seems to imply that one can have anything they want and be 'Free' to experience an endless flow of money and credit to purchase and consume anything that catches one's attention. Of course, things are never as they seem.

What it really means is that one has the 'freedom' to become further enslaved to debt and to further increase the profits of the company to whom one becomes indebted. Here, 'Freedom' is the 'reward' for going along with the system and not questioning how we live and act as humans. It is the 'reward' for being a good little robot, this is indicated by the many 'rewards programs' that credit card companies offer. Promises of 'cash back' on 'select purchases' computes as 'free money' to the consuming organic robot, who moves from promise to promise looking for the 'promised land' of 'financial freedom' where the next big sale means even more goodies and more toys.

Meanwhile half the world starves on pennies a day, where each moment is occupied by the pangs of hunger and the pain of disease, living off the crumbs of a system that doesn't care for anyone within it, and only rewards those who feed it a constant supply of energy in the form of work.

Is this freedom? Working day in and day out, just to get money to buy the products of someone else's labor?  Does this system really benefit anyone, except the 1% of those who are at the top of the pyramid?

REAL FREEDOM would be simply breathing Here moving within reality without the need to constantly produce and consume, but rather just BEING HERE with EACH OTHER, not seeing each other as either obstacles or opportunities on the way to making another dollar.

Only a system that provides for each one equally would give that REAL FREEDOM because the moment another has more than what they need and even one person goes without, then there will be conflict and and a system of competition will flow from that.

Of course as long as we are all entertained and accept out little place in the system, we believe that we will never be on the short end of the stick, but that day for each of us is closer than we would like to believe. All it takes is to look self-honestly at how each of us live and our relationship to this world that we 'occupy'.  Why are we here?

Are we HERE just to consume and convert every square inch of reality into something to be bought in a store?

Is this just the way things are or is it our acceptance of the system that allows it to be so?

Wouldn't things be different if we would accept this simple point and agree to a new system where we ensure that each has Equal Support thus ensuring that we have Equal Support?

--Cameron Cope

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