How Long Does It Take to Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate

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How long does it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the questions I am often asked is “how long does it take to make money online”

Even many new members of Wealthy Affiliate will often ask “how long does it take to make money here?” or “how long before I make my first commission?”.

Or they ask other members how much they make, and how long it took them, etc, etc.

I know that many members don’t particularly like to disclose how much they make, and I don’t blame them.

After all, it is a very personal thing, and many find the question a bit rude.

But this question keeps coming up time and time again.

So how long DOES it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate?

Well read on and I will attempt to answer this frequently asked question.

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How long before I make money on wealthy affiliate

How long is a piece of string?

I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but seriously, how long is a piece of string?

Well the answer is: “Is that it depends!”

It depends on how long the piece of string is.

It could be a short piece of string.

Or a long piece of string.

And it is the same with making money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

I mean, it is possible that you could write one blog post, share it to social media, and someone makes a purchase.

So it IS possible that you could make money in one day.

But is it realistic?

I don’t think so!

I do know of members that have made money in a very short space of time, and others have taken many, many months before they made anything at all.

I heard a story very recently that one member took 6 months to make a sale, but then in the following 6 months turned that into a full time income.


But is this typical?

Sadly not!

Sadly many people never make any substantial money online.

Why is that you ask?

Why don’t people succeed online?

The number one reason is that people give up!

People simply don’t give themselves the TIME to succeed.

This is the age where everyone wants a quick fix.

They want instant results and they want it NOW!

This is why so many people fall for so many of the scams online, promising overnight success.

I see them all of the time:

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That’s just a couple I got off a Facebook group, but there are literally millions of them!

What ABSOLUTE crap!

I get it that we want quick results, and want to make some money quick!

Everyone is under financial pressure these days, but choosing the easy option is not the answer.

Even when we have a proven blueprint to follow, most people will get frustrated when they don’t see quick results, and they slow down, lose focus, get distracted, and eventually give up!

And another reason they give up is because of overwhelm.

People get confused, often by jumping around all over the place, and they end up getting completely overwhelmed.

Remember the term FOCUS: Follow One Course Of Action Until Successful!

So why do some people succeed online, while others fail?


How long before I make money on wealthy affiliate

How to succeed online!

If you want to succeed online, then this is how to go about it:

  • Follow a PROVEN method

With the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you have a PROVEN blueprint for how to succeed online.

Kyle and Carson have a complete training program that works!

It has worked for them and many, many others.

This is a PROVEN formula for online success, so follow the training and follow these methods, and you too will have success.

Model what you wish to become!

  • Keep taking action

Take CONSISTENT action.

You have to do the work!

Follow the training, take action as you go, and keep WORKING HARD!

Remember, this is NOT one of the scams online.

This takes actual work!

The harder you work the MORE successful you will be.

  • Remain focused

Don’t get distracted by the next big thing, or the next opportunity.

There will always be something else that comes along that you think will work better… or easier.

If you want success online, then you need to remain focused, determined and HUNGRY to succeed.

  • Ask for help if you need it

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have a whole community of like-minded people that are willing to help you out if you get stuck.

This is gold!

You can ask a question to the community, the owners, or myself, and someone will be able to help you out.

It is very important to ask the question if you need help.

Never move on to something else before you fully understand.

  • Give yourself time to succeed

Get yourself off the outcome.

Concentrate on learning, applying and adding VALUE!… and ENJOY the process!

Remember: Progress over perfection!

Making money online, always comes at the backend.

The more work that you do now, will pay off at a later time.

It starts out very slowly, then it’s a trickle, then a steady flow, and then once enough momentum builds up, it’s a waterfall!

But when this will be, I can’t tell you.

How long is a piece of string?

Keep taking action.

Keep doing the work.

Don’t give up!

How long does it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate?

I can’t tell you when.

But I can tell you that you WILL… IF you give yourself the TIME to succeed!


If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your success,

John W. Newman

Helping you create TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM by building a PROFITABLE Business Online!

Dream It… Believe It… Then Achieve It!

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John newman

John newman

My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Hello my friend I hope that all is well with you. Making money online as and affiliate markter takes time but as look as you put in the time with doing your homework the right way succcess is sure to come, I don’t give those other get rich quick progarm a chance because what they are telling us is all lies. Wealthy affiliate as proven to be a soild trusty worthy community and UI am glad that we both are a part of it. All the best to you and thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your delightful and informative site. Straight to the point and no messing about. I like that. As some of the others, I am still in the process of learning as I am 6 months and a bit with no sales but I know I am still learning and looking for what I can do to improve so I can see some sales. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for your comment Merry!
      I think that many people forget that what you are learning here at Wealthy Affiliate about affiliate marketing, making money online and building an online business, is something that is totally different from what you have done before in most cases.
      There is SO much to learn and it often takes a huge change in your mindset as well, which is often the hardest part.
      Most of the population never try anything like this and remain asleep at the wheel so to speak.
      Just remember that you are learning and doing something that most people will never do!
      Don’t lose the faith!
      When you do make that first sale it is something that you will never forget I assure you! 🙂

  3. Hey John, I got here a long string! LOL

    I like the way you explained here what expectation newbies should have, with regard to making money online with Wealthy Affiliate. It really depends on the individual’s preparedness before they join WA, the knowledge and skills they already have, and then their willingness to learn.

    I just have a question for you: Aside from this beautiful blog of yours, what else are you using in terms of strategies, in generating referrals and of course MONEY in Wealthy Affiliate?

    Would you like to share some tips, like do you use Facebook? Google Plus? Or some other secret sites you use?

    • Ha ha!! A long string is better than no string Gomer 😉

      I do use other strategies other than my blog such as email marketing, social media and FB ads with mixed results to be honest.

      I have also been investigating solo ads ad pay per click advertising and that will be something I do more of in the future.

      At the moment I am getting the best results from my blog and the skills I am learning here at Wealthy Affiliate and it seems to be gaining momentum all the time.

      It is all a learning experience and the more I do learn I realise that there is so much more to it!

      Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  4. Hello my friend and Thanks for sharing, I am always impress when I come to your website to see the tons of good information that you have here and it is so well detailed. I believe that it all depends upon the person and how much time they are willing to invest in their online business. The more aperson puts in the me he will get out, it my sound simple but I know it is a lot of hard work. Thanks again for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  5. The question you wrote in the title was odd to me, I am working on my website for a month and I see no traffic at all, where’s some other people get 2,000 page views in the same time.
    All of these failures make me feel like a failure, a month of work (which is nothing, really) yet not even a tenth of the results that a lot of people get.
    The only thing left to do is to march on ahead

    • A month is nothing at all Vlad.

      Yes, some people do get results in a short space of time, but most people don’t.

      I know it can be frustrating, but don’t think of yourself as a failure. Seeing no or very little results in that time frame is perfectly normal.

      Give yourself 12 months, continue to work hard, create content, learn and apply.

      Then look back and see how much work you have done and what you have achieved, and celebrate that!

      Then you can reassess.

      Progress over perfection my friend, and as you said: March on ahead! 🙂

  6. Hello there! I just finished reading your article and I could certainly relate to this one. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for just under a year. I couldn’t possibly count the amount of times that I have been asked how much money I make and how long it took me to make my first sales. Although I always try to explain that it will be very different for each and every niche and highly dependent on how much effort you can put into your business. I think most people like to have some kind of ball park figure to aim for. However, I know some people a shocked when I tell them that they could be looking at 4 to 6 months before they make their first sales! Online marketing isn’t for those that are afraid of working!

    • It sounds like you have a great attitude Andrew!

      The thing with online marketing, is that you can work for 6 months, maybe even a few years before you start seeing some decent results.

      But then things start to snowball and can gain momentum very quickly.

      Unfortunately, people want quick results and that is why they give up.

      But I like to think of it like a University or college degree… spend three or four years learning and applying.

      The only difference is that you income can then surpass anything that you would of thought possible after leaving college.

      But it will only happen if you put in the effort, just like anything else worthwhile in life!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  7. I love your analogy there. How long is a piece of string? It really depends. Same goes for making money online. I get that question a lot too. It’s the first thing that people would ask. But it’s understandable, people wanna know how long before they gain something. But that’s not the right approach to building an online business. It’s a long-term thing and will probably take at least a year to see the results.

    • Yes, I understand where they are coming from Andrew, but it is a long term game.

      But really, I like to think about what you could achieve in 5-10 years learning and working hard in this business, to what you will achieve working for 40 years in a 9-5 job that you really don’t like that much! (Or possibly hate)

      There is so much more upside in the online marketing world compared to anything else, you just have to have that mindset shift that sets you on the road to success!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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