The Seven Steps For Success

The Seven Secrets For Success

Have you ever wondered why success comes more easily to some people than it does for others?

Well if you follow the seven steps for success in this blog post, then you will no longer have to wonder.

You will be climbing the ladder of success yourself!

Action to success my road to financial freedom

Step 1. Make a plan

The very first step is to decide what it is that you actually want, why you want it and then make a plan on how you are going to achieve it.

Setting goals and targets, and having an action plan is the first key to success.

Step 2. Get committed

Are you committed to achieving your goals?

Is it an absolute must?

If your goal is financial freedom for example, then you have to be absolutely committed to achieving it.

After all, everyone WANTS to be rich, but not everyone is determined or committed to it.

It all comes back to “why” you want it.

If the why is big enough, the easier the how.

Step 3. Focus

It is important to remain laser-focused on your goal.

As Richard Branson says: “opportunities are like buses, there is another one coming along every five minutes”

This was a big problem that I had for a long time.

I would be working on something, and then another training program or strategy would come through my email or on Facebook, and next thing I knew, I would be subscribing to another video series.

It is so easy to get distracted and to lose your focus if you are not aware of it, and you tend to jump from one project to another not achieving anything.

Sometimes you have to say no to the good to take advantage of the great.

Remain laser-focused!

Step 4. Take massive action

The next step is to take MASSIVE action!

You actually have to do the work.

When I first started out I read a lot about the law of attraction.

But that only works if you do.

You are not going to be sitting there meditating or reading a bunch of affirmations and a bucket of money falls on your head.

All that stuff does is get your head in the right place so that it can get you to actually take some action and do the work.

No one is going to achieve your goal for you.

You have to do that yourself.

You have to do the work.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.45.10 pm

Step. 5 Measure, monitor and adjust

Are things going to work the first time?

Of course not.

Things aren’t going to work.

You’re going to make mistakes.

But unless you give up, there is no such thing as failure!

You need to measure, monitor and adjust along the may.

That is why I like to set targets.

If you miss the mark, you see what works, what didn’t, make corrections and fire again.

Rinse and repeat until you eventually hit the target.

Remember progress always beats perfection.

Continually be measuring, monitoring and adjusting along the way.

Step 6. Never give up

And the biggest secret… Never giving up!

Remember there is no such thing as failure unless you actually quit.

So when are you likely to quit?

It is either right at the start when you think it is all too hard, or too much work, or you don’t have the belief that it is possible so you don’t even start.

Or sadly you give up when you are on the verge of success and are about to have a breakthrough, but you are frustrated and tired.

Just keep pushing through.

Remember, you are determined and committed.

Never, ever, ever, give up on your dream.

Step 7. Accountability

Now if you are committed and determined yourself you will go a long way, but when you make your commitment to someone else, and they are willing to hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do, the chances of you achieving your goals goes up astronomically.

That is why having a good coach and mentor is invaluable.

A good coach and mentor can also help with strategy, blocks that are holding you back and can just see things that you can’t.

Having a coach and mentors to be accountable to is one of the secrets to success and it has certainly helped me enormously along the way.

So once again the seven steps for success are:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Be committed
  3. Focus
  4. Take MASSIVE action
  5. Measure, monitor and adjust
  6. Never give up and…
  7. Accountability

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your success,

John W. Newman

Helping you create TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM by building a PROFITABLE Business Online!

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John newman

My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Hi John,

    Love your seven steps for success, you’ve got it nailed down. I think the major step that many people fail at is step #4: Take massive action. I think many people get excited about an idea or business opportunity and then don’t take action on what they already know or learn. This is the fun part and the part that takes a little courage. I say this as I’m about to make my first therapy based training video. Anyways, great post as always John and thanks for sharing your insight.

    • Totally agree Todd!
      I have often heard that a bag of money will not fall on your head while meditating 😉
      While affirmations, meditating and reading books can be beneficial, to achieve success and financial freedom you have to actually do something!! You have to DO THE WORK!
      Thanks for your feedback and good luck with your video!

  2. All seven steps are important, but two areas many people struggle with are focus and commitment. To be successful you have to aim high and progress. When the world wakes up at 9am your life will be filled with distractions that eliminate focus before it even happens. Without focus, it’s difficult to commit. So I believe its important to schedule time for yourself to work on personal development.

    – Have your heard the phrases: Early bird catches the worm? If you can come back to that saying “But the night howl gets the prey” then you’re already on track. From dusk till dawn is when least amount of distractions will happen. Consider this.

    The biggest successful lifestyle secrets lay within the power of YOU.

    Fantastic article!

    P.S.. It’s 9:30am here now and I’ve been up for 3 hours. Best time to work on my projects.

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head Damien with your own success secret of being up and working at 6.30am!

      I definitely agree about focus and commitment. Focus is an area where I have to focus on personally because there are always plenty of distractions that come up and it is something that I have to be very conscious of.

      Commitment to my business and my dreams and goals certainly isn’t a problem however, but a lot of people really struggle and give up far to early.

      Love that saying too!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Hi John, I think the biggest change that I see in myself in building my own online business is developing this laser focus attention attitude. Nothing is allowed to distract me (except for my dog) – no cell phones, no Facebook – just me, my PC and my scribbled draft every night while I work on my articles.

    I used to leave my seat every 15 minutes or so. Now, I can stay glued to it for hours, reading and writing non-stop. I know I sound like a zombie, but I really like that productive flow going through me these days.

    Makes me feel like I am a step closer to success 🙂

    • Distractions and focus can be a huge problem Cathy, but mostly it can be as simple as awareness.
      Glad to hear that you are making progress in this area. (There is always time for dog’s Ha ha) 😉
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hey, John

    I have just bookmarked this article because I loved reading about the seven steps needed to become a successful Entrepreneur.

    As for the part about never giving up, I think this is where some people actually quit on their dreams because they work at their online businesses for a couple of months with great enthusiasm, but when they don’t see the results they expect, they give up!

    This is a huge mistake to make because what many people don’t realize is that they are probably 2/3 of their way to success and kinda give up on the last hurdle. If they give that extra bit of push, awesome things will happen.

    It’s like pushing a snowball up a hill. It’s hard, but when you push it far enough, it will eventually roll down the other side, building up momentum, becoming unstoppable. This is how building an online business works, you do the hard work now and the pay off comes later.


    • So very true Neil!
      Often people will give up on their goal right before they succeed.
      Building an online business and financial freedom is not easy, BUT it is worth it!
      Spend a few years now doing what other people won’t, to get what other people don’t!! #NeverGiveUp
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  5. Hey John, great steps you have laid out here. One of the biggest things I find is the hardest is to make sure you never give up. Especially if it can take years and living in an instant world where we all want things now now now. Like the picture of the guy mining and turns back, even though he is just inches away from diamonds, he would have made it if he just went that little bit further

    • Great analogy Vincent!
      It is certainly easier to give up that is for sure, that is having a strong “why” and being committed is vital for success!
      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hey John. Good suggestions on how to plan my success. I like your seven steps. Often times, people need direction on staying motivated, and successful. Steps are always good to have in order to take action such as yours.

  7. Hello again, John
    THis post comes just on time. I’ve done my homework so far, because I know the importance of perseverence. Now, it’s time for adjustment, for the financial rewards are not coming right away. Thanks especially for the hint, to pass by the good in order to achieve the greater!

    • Excellent Stefan!
      I believe when you are striving for success the right thing shows up at the right time. It has happened to me so many times!
      Glad to help 🙂

  8. Hi John
    I like your seven steps and I agree with every one of them. I have heard a lot of talk about affirmations, but you are so right all that might do is just get your head in gear but the individual has to put in the effort to attain that success. If attaining success was as easy as just saying “I’ll be successful” and not doing anything to get there, then more people would be successful. It’s like a student telling themselves they’ll pass the exam, but they are not even putting in the effort to study. It’s just crazy expecting a different result when you are doing the same thing and you’re not flexible to changing and adapting to what might work. Hey, that’s just my two cents. 🙂

    • Great analogy Vanessa!
      Totally agree! Affirmations have certainly helped me with my mindset, but nothing changed until I took action!
      Thanks for our comment and feedback 🙂

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