How to Create Killer Content-and 5 Blind Spots to Avoid!

Content my road to financial freedom

The Secret to Creating Killer Content

One of the best keys for creating killer content is that before you even start… make sure you are writing about something that you are interested in!

If you are not interested in your content then why would anybody else?

It would be just plain BORING!

This is why I believe an online business to be such a great vehicle for wealth creation… because you SHOULD be writing about something that you love, excites you and can make money from!

This is half the battle with writing engaging content that other people will be interested in as well.

Other than creating content around your passions there are three things that you should keep in mind when writing your blogs which I call the three c’s.

1. Clear

Make sure your headlines, sub-headlines, links, labels and navigation all communicate clearly what lies in, under or behind them.

Your content then needs to be easy to understand so that that the reader can clearly comprehend what you are trying to explain.Content my road to financial freedom

2. Concise

Your words, sentences and paragraphs need to be short, precise and to the point.

You need to be a ruthless editor.

Cutting out words and paragraphs.

The last thing you want to do is ramble on making it boring!

Short and to the point!

3. Compelling

This is the greatest advantage with writing about something you have a passion for!

It needs to be interesting, exciting and something the reader will get absorbed in!

Tell stories, be funny, just don’t be boring!

It really isn’t that hard to write some killer content, but there are some blind spots you will need to avoid!

Have a look at this infographic below to see the five most common blind spots in creating content and how you can avoid them.

Data and infographic by AWeber

In Summary

So in summary, make sure your content is clear, concise, compelling and make sure you avoid these most common blind spots.

If you really want to get on your way to start creating some killer content, start the right way with the #1 affiliate marketing community online where you will receive the very best training available today!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below and I will be happy to get back to you.

Until next time, I am John W. Newman and always remember…

Dream It… Believe It… Then Achieve It!

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My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Hey John,

    I am new to the game, although this post is outdated the information in here is still very valuable and relevant to me!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hey John! I liked the picture, it is eye catchy. Did you create that? The points you have laid out are really clear. You really do practice what you teach. Awesome!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Thanks for your comment Jack! I appreciate the vote of confidence!

      The infographic is courtesy of AWeber, a great email autoresponder service!

  3. “Tell stories, be funny, just don’t be boring!” – John, you have no idea how I bored myself when I was re-reading my first few articles. Even I didn’t know what I was writing. Then I started using the concept of keywords, weave in some stories and interesting facts and gradually, my content starts to make more sense.

    • I am with you Cathy!

      It is amazing how your blog posts will improve over time.

      I encourage anyone that wants their own online business not to get put off by having to create content.

      Just take action and you will get better over time.

      However with the right training, such as with Wealthy Affiliate, the learning curve can be speeded up!

  4. Hey John,

    You are absolutely right, when you’re passionate about something the writing is a lot easier. You give some great tips. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey, John

    I agree that we should create content based on what interests us or better still, what we have a passion for. When you’re passionate about something, your personality and passions shines through and gives your post an injection of positve energy 🙂

    Thank You for sharing the 5 blind spots to avoid and will come in very useful for me as a website owner 🙂


    • Totally agree Neil!

      You have to have that passion for what you are doing!

      Makes everything so much easier.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Great post John and a lot of fruit for thought. I will most definitely revisit my sites based on your very informative post. Thanks for sharing. Lee

  7. Great post John! I definitely agree that your content cannot be boring and rehashed old content. Keeping your website readers is absolutely necessary in order to keep them engaged in what you have to offer.

    I know for me, if I come upon a webpage where the content is dull or just rambles on, I’ll quickly leave and find somewhere else to get my information. So clear, concise, and compelling content will definitely help any website.

    Thanks for sharing. – Robert

  8. Hi John, thanks for the info it’s good to know the key things i should consider when writing my content. This post has been very helpful.

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