How To Find Keywords For Your Website – The Alphabet Soup Technique

Jaaxy research my road to financial freedom


Have you ever struggled with coming up with keywords for your website?alphabet my road to financial freedom

I know I have in the past, but now all that is behind me because I have discovered a really simple technique that helps you come up with heaps of SEO ready keywords in a matter of minutes: The Alphabet Soup Technique!!


The alphabet soup technique is a simple method, by using the search tab in google, that can supply endless keywords that you can then use to create content for your website.

It will also give you an indication of what people are already searching for online!

The process is easy… Simply type your main keyword into google and then type the letter  “a” after it.

Google will then come up with various keyword phrases that are starting with the letter “a”

You can then move onto “b” , “c’ and so on.

Watch the video below and it will outline this simple technique!!

Alphabet soup technique my road to financial freedom

As you can see the amount of keyword phrases are endless, but how do we know which phrases are SEO grade and will drive traffic to our site?


Now that we have a heap of keyword phrases, we have to find out whether they will work for us and drive traffic to our site, so we need to work out how many monthly searches they will get.

To do this we need a keyword research tool to punch in our phrases, and the best keyword research tool that is on the market today, and what I personally use for my research is called Jaaxy! 

Jaaxy will make this process very easy, and it has the most accurate data of any research tool that I have used!

Below is an example of the keyword that I used in writing this post.

Jaaxy research my road to financial freedom

So as you can see, with a POWER research tool at your disposal, and using a simple technique such as The Alphabet soup technique, it is quick and easy to come up with heaps of keywords that will drive traffic to your site!

Check Jaaxy out for yourself below:

So give these tools and methods a try and you will soon have powerful keywords attracting countless traffic to your website!!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, I will be happy to help.

To your success,

John W. Newman

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  1. Hey John,

    Awesome post and great advice!

    I started learning how to find keyword for my website using the alphabet soup technique and Jaaxy about a year ago and it’s made all the difference in my online business.

    The alphabet soup technique is such a quick and easy way to find out what your niche audience is searching for on a daily basis.

    Then I just plug that phrase into Jaaxy to see it’s competition and traffic levels and I’ve got my post keyword phrase in no time. The other cool thing about Jaaxy is the brainstorm feature. That allows me to get a ton of ideas for related keywords that I either want to use over my original keyword phrase or for another post at a latter time.

    Good stuff John, great post.

    • Yes Todd, using the alphabet soup technique and an awesome tool such as Jaaxy can lead to some great results and high rankings on Google.
      Using both these tools together is very powerful for your online business!
      Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

  2. Hi. Thanks for this information, it always surprises me how many keyword ideas you can get from the “Alphabet Technique.” A simple yet powerful method.

  3. Hi John

    The alphabet soup technique works wonders for finding targeted low competition keywords for our online content. I am a proud user myself of the Jaaxy tool and I can honestly say it is the best keyword tool I have ever used, period! I will never ever go back to using any other keyword tool (unless it’s the one at Wealthy Affiliate) 😉


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