Is Empower Network Legit?


NAME: Empower Networkempower network my road to financial freedom

WEBSITE: Empowernetwork.com

OWNERS: David Wood and David Sharpe

PRICE: Basic $25 per month, Inner circle $100 per month, Costa Rica Intensive $500, Masters retreat $3500



Empower Network was created by the two Davids… Sharpe and Wood, who market their product as a viral blogging system with claims of making easy money with little work on autopilot!

But is it legit? Read on and I will give you my opinion and you can make up your own mind.



  • Your own Empower Network Blog


  • No free trial
  • Heaps of upsells
  • No access to the owners
  • A borderline pyramid scheme
  • No actual product to sell
  • All about promoting Empower Network and getting people to sign up


Essentially Empower Network is a borderline pyramid scheme.

There is no actual product, just a blogging platform, however you actually don’t own the content that you create. There has been numerous complaints from people that have left Empower Network and have been unable to delete their websites!!

So the product you are selling is Empower itself and their various upsells!!


Empower Network targets people with the dream of making massive amounts of money with very little effort, however to make any money you will need to upgrade to their other upsells and work very hard at building a downline, and then hard selling to get them to upgrade as well!

Here is how their payment steams are structured:

EN scam My road to financial freedomIt looks very confusing, but it is essentially a pyramid scheme where it is the owners sitting at the top raking in the money not you!!!


Some of the upline affiliates will offer you some support, however most of the actual training materials are poor and are just based on promoting EN.

Their main focus is on getting you to upgrade to their other programs and if you don’t, they put on a lot of pressure even referring to you as “wussy” and telling you to go “all in”.


There is no real support in EN and many people have actually complained that they have been belittled by team sponsors when they have not upgraded!


So is Empower Network legit?

Well I don’t know about it being an actual scam, but in my opinion it is definitely unethical.

If you are not into aggressive hard selling I would steer well clear of Empower Network.

If you are interested in making money online in an ethical way, a product with heaps of training and support that I use personally and can’t recommend highly enough, is the community of Wealthy Affiliate and you can start for free!!

To read my full Wealthy Affiliate review click here.


So why not join me on My Road To Financial Freedom with Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below and I will be happy to help.

Again, I am John Newman and always remember, Dream It… Believe IT… Then Achieve It!!!




John newman

John newman

My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Hey John, we have connected on WA and wanted to check your post here. I used to be part of the program that you are writing about and I must say you hit all the major points dead on. I would add that not only is their training poor, it is down right wrong at times. WA is a superior in everyway. Nice job here telling the truth.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Michael!
      The more I hear about Empower Network the more concerns I have!
      Like you say, I too can not recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly enough!!!

  2. Hello John and cheers for this review and it’s made my day 🙂

    Empower Network is a complete and utter scam as I found out the hard way. I invested money (but luckily didn’t go ALL IN), added content and promoted the heck out of my EN blog for 8 months and guess what?…
    I had 3 rubbish dead leads and had generated ZERO sales!!

    To the poeple who are reading this, avoid Empower Network at all costs and I highly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate which provides real training and full of people who will help you 🙂


    • Thankyou for your comments Neil.

      I was looking into Empower Network but luckily I found Wealthy Affiliate at just the right time!!!!

    • Let’s stop bash-talking about company’s for starters! I have made sales with Empower Network easily enough – NOT A SCAM! Stop blaming company’s for not succeeding, it all comes down to YOU! What YOU do counts, EN has a great business model, leadership and compensation plan etc. Of course there are up sells its a business, not a charity. They want customers – not a one time buyer! the quicker that learned the better 🙂

      Also this isn’t a way to promote your business (wealthy affiliate) bash talking other company’s, seriously? The business people are in is irrelevant to their success, provide value to the community, instead of cutting people out of achieving their dreams – NO-ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT!

      p.s. This comment is for insight benefit only… Not to be seen as hatred or attack, simply stating opinion 🙂

      • Thank you for your comment Ross and I respect your opinion.

        I certainly agree with you that it is up to you whether you succeed or not and I am the last person that would want to cut people out of achieving their dreams!

        I am sure that there are a lot of people in empower network for the right reasons, yourself included and I wish you all success.

        I am just stating my opinion through what I have seen and read and after speaking many people that have been involved with EN.

        That being said I wish you every success and I hope you can change the perception of EN for the better!


  3. Hi John, thanks for sharing your point of view. I’ve seen this program and have been wondering what the appeal is.

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