The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2018

The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2018

Bitcoin, eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Multi-level Marketing (MLM’s), the list goes on!

It honestly is enough to make your head spin, right?

You can see why so many people go from one opportunity to another and don’t get anywhere, can’t you?

There are so many options to make money online, but what is the “BEST” way to make money online in 2018?

Well read on and I will give you my best option!

What is the best way to make money online in 2018

What won’t work

Have you ever seen a program promoted as “push-button”, “get rich quick” “make money with a few clicks of a mouse” and similar phrases?

I have some bad news for you!

They are SCAMS!

I won’t lie…

You can actually make some money from these “systems”.

But it won’t last!

How most of them work is simply by bringing people into this same system, and then getting them to do the very same thing over and over!

And how they do this, is by spamming their “Unique link” into Facebook groups.

Often there isn’t even an actual product to sell!

The whole system works by recruiting more and more people into this same system!

There are actually people that teach this stuff as a way to make money online!

You can see how so many people label “make money online” as a scam and a fraud, can’t you?

And I don’t blame them…

This is a good way to get banned from Facebook and get labelled as a scam artist!

It just doesn’t work!

Sadly, most people go from one of these programs to another (chasing the next shiny object) but never make any real money and give up!

It’s also why I am not a huge fan of MLM’s or network marketing.

Although they do actually have a product to sell, the main people that make the most money are sitting at the top of the pyramid while the rest of us suffer!

What are some better options to make money online?

How to make money online in 2018

While there are a lot of scams out there, there are also some legitimate “make money online” opportunities.

Personally, I believe that there are two legitimate methods to making money online.

Selling actual physical products.

Selling digital (information) products.

Option one: Selling physical products

Selling actual physical products that people buy is a great way to make money online.

Selling products through Amazon, or on eBay, for example, can be quite profitable.

You can set up an eCommerce store and sell a wide range of products, or use a method called drop shipping (Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.)

A great way to do this is by simply writing product reviews and adding a link within the review to the product!

On Amazon alone, there are over 488 million products that you can promote.

Wouldn’t you like a slice of that pie?

Option two: Selling digital products

Information baby!

Information is the new gold!

In 2018, there are closing into 4 billion users online, and they are all searching for information.

Searching for a solution to their problems!

All you have to do to make money is provide a solution to that problem!

If you create a solution to people’s problems in a systematic step-by-step way, then they will gladly pay for that advice.

You can package that information into an eBook or an online course, or even refer people to where they can find that information, and you will do well!

But you may be thinking, that you don’t know how to create information products, or even how to sell physical products, right?

Well, there is a simple way to sell either physical products, digital products, or a combination of both… without all the hassle!

The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2018

What if you could sell just about anything you could imagine without having to create the product yourself?

No product!

No inventory!

No shipping!

No product support!

There is a way, and it’s called affiliate marketing!

At its core, affiliate marketing is simply promoting someone else’s product, and once a sale is made, then you split the profits with the product owner.

This way, you don’t have to take the time to create a product, you leverage other people’s expertise in a win-win situation!

Here’s how the process works!

affiliate marketing process my road to financial freedom

As I mentioned earlier, people are already searching for something online either on Google, or they see something interesting on social media.

From here, they visit your website where you help provide a solution to their problem and they continue on and make a purchase.

Then you make a commision of up to 50-75% in many cases!

There are literally, millions of products you can promote as an affiliate, with thousands of affiliate programs in any market you can think of!

No matter what your interest or passion may be, there is an affiliate program that will be a right fit for you!

Affiliate marketing really is the best way to make money online in 2018 and beyond!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

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  1. Hi I enjoyed reading about the best way to make money online. Do I understand you correctly, that I can use WA for free in order to set up two websites, for an unlimited period. They take no money for hosting or any other upsells or commissions?

  2. Nice article on Making Money Online in 2018. You have great insight here.
    I have been trying my hand a affiliate marketing for about 9 months. My success has been minimal. I have been selling Amazon products and it has been a struggle.
    Do you have more information on the digital market products that you mentioned?

    • Hey Brendon, from what I have seen it can take some time to make some decent money from Amazon, just due to the fairly low commissions.

      You really have to create a great deal of content to start seeing some success… but stick at it… because you will 🙂

      As for high end digital products, it really depends on what niche you are in, but there are always high commissions in any niche.

      Personally, I am in the “make money online” niche, and if you are looking for some great training on selling some great high end digital products then feel free to access this free training: Affiliate Bootcamp

      Thanks and good luck 🙂

  3. Hi there.

    I just finished reading your article on making money online in 2018 and I just thought I would drop you a quick comment to say thanks.

    You are right in what you say right at the beginning of this article. There are so many scams out there that are simply out to take your money. And so many of them state “push button” solutions or techniques to get rich quick. All complete nonsense of course!

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now as you recommend in your post and I must say, they are completely different to everything else that I have seen.

    I notice you show Amazon in one of your images. I have considered being an Amazon affiliate for some time now. Just wondered if you had any advice?

    • Thanks for commenting Andrew!

      I personally don’t use Amazon as I believe the commissions are a bit low at about 6-10% I prefer to promote high ticket digital products paying out at 40-50%.

      But if you are prepared to write a lot of product reviews you can definitely make Amazon work for you.

      I know of many people killing it on Amazon!

      Good luck 🙂

  4. Hi John, I absolutely loved the traffic – Conversions Diagram. So much so that I wrote it down. The key is in the systems. You also said my information has to be written in a step by step formula.

    That is so true. You have made me think and I am going to make a step-by-step plan for my ebook as a giveaway for people to opt-in to my site.


    • That’s awesome Stella!

      The best way is to look at the problem, then the solution, and then the series of steps to bridge that gap!

      Best of luck 🙂

  5. What I love about this line of work is all that you have said in your post. The online business is the best business in the world and I really love the benefits of this line of work. Even though it takes time and a lot of work the rewards are there.

    • The rewards definitely are there Norman if you persevere long enough!
      The real rewards of an online business are always in the backend, but the good news is that work you do now will still keep paying you for years to come!
      You just have to put in the groundwork first!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Hey John,

    Reading this I guess I’m not alone in thinking about how I can generate extra income in 2018! I love the idea of affiliate marketing, however have no idea where to start or what I would promote. Anything you could do to point me in the right direction would be awesome, thank you.



    • Hey Mike, you really have to look at what your passions and interests are.

      If you choose your “niche” around something you are interested in, or at least interested in learning about, then your chances of success are much higher.

      I would suggest you watch this video and it will become much clearer for you: Choosing your niche

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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