108 PROVEN Split Test Winners

108 PROVEN Split Test Winners Review

NAME: DotComSecrets Labs – 108 PROVEN Split Test Winners

WEBSITE: www.dotcomsecretslabs.com

Owner: Russell Brunson

Overall Rank: 9/10

Price: FREE Plus Shipping of $9.95 to anywhere in the world


108 proven split test winners

108 PROVEN Split Test Winners is another fantastic book and product from internet marketing expert Russell Brunson, the owner of ClickFunnells, this time under the brand of one of his other companies, DotComSecrets Labs.

Russell has put together a fantastic resource of 108 of the best split test winners out of the thousands that he has conducted over the years in his many companies.

This book is marketed as simple tweaks you can make to your website, so you can make more money now.



  • It can take years and thousands of dollars to split test various aspects of your website, here you can copy and paste PROVEN split test winners!
  • A product that is potentially worth thousands and thousands for your business, you get basically for nothing!
  • Shipping worldwide to your door for less than 10 bucks!
  • Profit off the blood sweat and tears of a successful internet marketing genius.
  • The book is FREE!


  • Not a book for newbies, you will need to already have a website and be building a business online.

Product overview:

108 PROVEN Split Test Winners is another fantastic product from internet marketing genius and best-selling author Russell Brunson.

Russell is the owner of software company ClickFunnels and he has created many fantastic products such as DotCom Secrets Labs, The Perfect Webinar Script and Funnel Graffiti, as well as being a best-selling author of Dot Com Secrets, and the newly released Expert Secrets.

Over the last 10 years or so, Russell has built many successful companies in not only the internet marketing space but also physical products such as supplements and software.

Over that time, Russell and his team have conducted thousands of split tests in their companies to find out what sells… and what doesn’t!

In this book, he has put together the top 108 tests, that you can just model for your own business without having to go through the trial and error.

Russell was going to sell this product for $197, as he thinks that is what it is worth, but as a “test” he is currently giving it away for free, plus $9.95 shipping to anywhere in the world.

In this book, you will discover tests for your offers, (landing pages and sales pages) for conversions, backend tests, traffic tests and more!

And what has surprised Russel the most out of conducting all of these tests in his business, is that what he THOUGHT would work actually didn’t, and all that matters in this business, is what actually converts!

Who is it for?

This is probably a bit advanced for newbies or beginning “make money online” opportunity seekers.

But for anybody that currently has a website and has been building a business online for any amount of time will get an enormous amount of value out of this book.

Even, just a few simple tweaks to your site can potentially create a massive difference in your business and to its bottom line.

Tools and training:

The actual, proven split tests, that Russell and his team have conducted in his many successful businesses over many years.


Russell Brunson is the owner of ClickFunnels which has an awesome online community and support team.


The book is free with shipping costs of $9.95 to anywhere in the world.

There are a few upsells when you order the book, but there is no obligation to buy.


Personally, I believe this book is marketing gold, and Russell over delivers on this product as he does for every product that I have used or read of his to date.

If you have been building a business online for any amount of time, then I would definitely get on board with his mentorship.

I have bought this book myself and I thoroughly recommend it! (Looking pretty smart in the specs today haha!)

Click Here and get your FREE copy of the 108 PROVEN Split Test Winners!

108 Proven Split Test Winners

Final Verdict 9/10

108 Proven Split Test Winners

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your success,

John W. Newman

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  1. Hey, John!

    Russell’s ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’ sure is a WINNER in itself! 🙂

    I think there are so many marketers out there who are building landing pages/sales funnels and struggling like hell to make them convert. Having access to the right software for building funnels is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is finding the landing pages that convert visitors into email leads and sales.

    This can take a lot of trial and error to get right, not to mention a lot of time and money chucked into advertising with Facebook, Google Adwords, and Bing.

    I’m just VERY thankful to Russell Brunson, not just for creating ClickFunnels (which is truly AWESOME), but because he has given each and every user of his software the opportunity to become hugely profitable business owners.

    His 108 Proven Split Test Winners book surely is a blueprint for getting ClickFunnels funnel builders to the “Two Comma Club”. 😉

    Cheers for the review, John!

    • This is so true Neil!

      There are so many pieces to the puzzle in creating a successful converting funnel, when it’s not working, it can sometimes be hard to find the source of the problem.

      It’s funny how little tweaks in a couple of areas can make a HUGE difference to your bottom line!

      Finding it though can be like finding a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and can cost so much time and money!

      That is the great thing about the 108 Proven Split Test Winners – All the testing and tweaking has already been done to find What actually WORKS!

      This book is a blueprint for success!

      Seeya in the “Two Comma Cub” Neil 🙂

  2. Increase the business without having to go through a hard and long split phase? Oh, yes, thank you! The split test is always a tough and long battle, which should not be avoided if you want to utilize its earning opportunities as best as possible.
    This sounds almost too good to be true. How did you get past this product? 🙂

    • Very true Mathias, I certainly studied this book long and hard, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I was interested in Split Test when I read your review. It seems like it may be a program not worth spending money.

    Wealthy Affiliates, at least from you comparison, seem to be a better alternative from the feature set you outlined in the chart.

    I appreciate the due diligence, very helpful.

    • It seems that I am getting a lot of comments regarding this book review regarding the comparison to Wealthy Affiliate.

      To be honest, I should not of put the chart in… in regards they are not really any comparison.

      One is a book which is 10 dollars with shipping, which helps people that have a website and online business make substantially MORE money through PROVEN split tests that have made the author MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

      The other, is a comprehensive training program that teaches people how to build websites and a business online, primarily via affiliate marketing… plus they offer websites, hosting and support, and HEAPS MORE VALUE… With a starter membership that is free, and a premium membership that is $49 per month.

      They really are two brilliant, but TOTALLY different products, depending as to which stage you are in, but ALSO, in my opinion… TOTALLY complimentary!

      Seriously, did you just read the headline and look at the chart?

      Sometimes I wonder…

  4. I have been looking for some more info on split testing for a little while now. I have a website and I want to see if I can make some improvements to a¨make it more user-friendly and also make more sales of course:-)

    Split testing has however seemed a bit too complicated ro me, but maybe this book can give some good ideas whitout having to do a lot of testing myself. Sounds like a oretty good deal, with only having to pay the $10 for shipping. Have you gotten any concrete ideas out of the book yourself? Just to get an idea of what to expect:-)


    • Thanks Mikael, I am sure you will get a few great ideas out of this book.

      Personally, I don’t like split testing… I just like to do the work once and it works.

      Unfortunately, it often doesn’t work straight away, but a few simple tweaks can often make all the difference!

      The great think about this book is that you can just model what already has been PROVEN to work and implement them without all of the trial and error.

      I have implemented several of these tests on my site and seen dramatic improvements, so I am sure anybody else can do the same.

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  5. It seems like a very useful book to test many methods to refine the gold. Your cons state it is not for a newbie because you need to have a website to start with. I think I am qualified for that.

    Recently, I have many similar books to read and study, so I am supposed to take it into my priority next time. I learned affiliate marketing not long but I agree with your comparison spreadsheet that Wealthy Affiliate will be even better than 108 Proven Split Test. I joined WA and it has my endorsement!

  6. Thanks! I always appreciate more knowledge in this particular subject. It is so nice to read a condensed version of the tips and tricks that someone has proven over and over.

  7. Hi John,
    I personally use a different book which is equally very informative for successful business online, although not for newbies just like the 108 PROVEN Split Test Winners. I use it for my internet marketing and has proved to be very useful.

    But John, I found something at the end of your review that I want to know more about. I saw your table of contrasting 108 PROVEN Split Test Winners with another program called Wealthy Affiliate, which from your table looks very captivating.

    Please can you tell me more about this program and why you recommend it?
    I will appreciate your reply. Thank you.


    • Thanks, Stephen, I often get a lot of questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate.
      Rather than go into it here, as there are so many benefits, I will be here all day, feel free to click here to read my comprehensive review where all your questions will be answered.
      I will just say that it is, in my opinion, the best place to learn about Internet and affiliate marketing on the net today!
      Thanks for your question 🙂

  8. Hi John,
    Sounds like a very interesting book. It doesn’t compare to Wealthy Affiliate though. We both know Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go but I’m already a member there.

    I see you’ve got a picture of you with the book and you did say it’s marketing gold. Since I trust your good judgement, I think I will order the book. Thank you so much!

    I’m going to poke around your site a little more. It looks very interesting and you’ve got quite a few things to offer. I might find something else I like!

    • Thanks for taking the time to have a look around Gina.
      I know you have been building your business for a while, so I am sure you will find a few gems in this book.
      I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate being a fantastic training ground and community too.
      I think that a lot of the members will also find some value in Russell’s training in addition to being a member at WA as well!

  9. Excellent review of what I am sure is a valuable book. I have a couple of Russell’s books already and I’m sure I will be sending for this one soon.

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