Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Scam? My road to financial freedom

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

The fight my road to financial freedom

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not?

This a question that I have been asked many times and is even a question I asked myself when I first discovered them.

These days there are so many scams out there, particularly when you first start out trying to make some money online.

It can be very hard to work your way through all the rubbish and it is perfectly understandable to be skeptical.

When I Got Scammed!

When I first started getting serious about wealth creation I started educating myself by reading all the books and going to seminars, and I initially looked to property investment to make my money.

Although I did have some success I also got some bad advice. And one of the mentors I chose had a program worth $6000 and I bought into it.

In hindsight I did learn some interesting information in this course but as for making my fortune from it I didn’t even get close and I now realise that this guy was making more money out of his seminars than he was out of property!

That is why I always say “choose your mentors wisely”.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Not?

Scam? My road to financial freedom

While I am still a strong believer in property as a means of wealth creation, through my experience I am convinced of  the value of cash-flow and that is why I started looking online for wealth creation vehicles.

And initially I was discouraged.

While there was an enormous amount of information there were also a lot of scams as well.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate.

While initially I was sceptical, I researched them further and I soon discovered great things about them and decided that they were definitely not a scam and that I would use their platform to build my online business.

So Why are They NOT a Scam?

There are many reasons why in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam but below I will highlight a few of the main points.

  • WA has a FREE membership – While there is a premium membership available, WA strongly recommends that you always start with the free membership and you can remain a free member as long as you like.
  • The free membership allows you to have two FREE websites which you can build out in any niche any way that you like.
  • There is a free ten-lesson training program that runs you through the basics of affiliate marketing and laying the foundations of building your website and online business.
  • WA is also a community forum where you can ask questions and have access to the owners as well as numerous experienced internet marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • There is no hard push or obligation to upgrade to the premium membership, although at less than $50 a Month it provides you with unlimited websites and an astronomical amount of training and support!
  • Try before you buy and you can cancel your membership at any time with a simple push of a button

Final Verdict: SCAM FREE!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.50.30 pm

So in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is most definitely not a scam!

The amount of value with the FREE membership alone is better than the majority of training courses on the net today.

But the best part is the amount of support available.

It really is a community of people that want you to have success online and I believe has been the number one reason why this has been such a success for myself and will be for you too!

So if you want to build the foundations of a successful online business the right way, I recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate today!

If you want to read more about this awesome community you can view my full review here.

Or sign up for your FREE Starter membership here.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Talk soon,

John W. Newman

Dream It… Believe It… Then Achieve It!

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John newman

John newman

My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Anyone who will read your review I would like to say that if you look for a legitimate program to start making money online, Wealthy Affiliate is the best option and I recommend you to not look back or around because this program provides you with all you need to build a successful business online

  2. Hello, John. I sure hope Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a SCAM!! :p

    On a more serious note though, I can connect with your article because I too have been in your shoes when it comes to questioning online training programs and also investing small fortunes in what I thought was LEGIT but turned out to be a SCAM… “Empower Network” (Cough Cough!)

    As a succesful member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I totally agree with everything you say because the owners and the 200,000+ strong community of real genuine people all care about your online success! I can’t praise everyone enough at Wealthy Affiliate for their help and support along my journey and I highly recommend joining the community if you want real success online 😀

    Awesome post, John!

    • Thanks for your support and comment Neil!

      You are right, WA is an awesome community first and foremost and I am glad that you are having success with them!

      Keep up the great work!!

      • You’re welcome, John. I’m always glad to help!

        Your website is awesome and by the looks of things, you arecertainly having success with Wealthy Affiliate too 😀

        I have just bookmarked your site for future reference and help with my own online business should I need any.

        Thanks. Neil

  3. Wow John – I lost $600 to a ‘legitimate training’ for online businesses, but $6000 would be a heart attack for me.

    Luckily, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t anything like that at all. In fact, members who choose to walk out of the program are people who couldn’t endure the ‘proper training’ to become an online entrepreneur. That loss is more significant than being scammed, in my opinion.

    • Yes Cathy, it wasn’t pretty but it was probably worth it in lessons learned!

      I agree with you about the people who DO NOT decide to continue with Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is one of the main reasons why I have started my website, so that people can become empowered to take control of their OWN financial destinies without having to rely on the Government or any one else!

      Thanks for your feedback 😉

  4. Nice post, I have been looking at many websites that claim to have the key to success in terms of making money online, and good ones are hard to find. Wealthy Affiliates looks like the real thing to me, well worth a look.

  5. I agree with you 100%. I had been looking for an online system/training course for over a year, I had even bought into another program and unfortunately had no community or up line support.

    Then I found Wealthy Affiliate on accident because I was researching another company. It was a blessing in disguise!

    I now have a website and make money from home! I encouraged anyone to try Wealthy Affiliate out. Just start with the FREE membership, you have nothing to lose!

    To our success!

    • I am very similar to you Jason as I was also researching someone else when I came across WA and I am so glad that I did!

      Like you say… To our success!!

  6. Hi John,
    What an eye opener. You are not just telling but also showing us how its done. I am bookmarking this site for sure. Great job.

  7. Hey John, great review you have there. I was scammed too when I first started trying out Internet Marketing. I promised myself that WA will be my last attempt at learning. Thankfully WA was the real deal and I’m still a satisfied member of WA.

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