The Universal Laws for Success

The universal laws of success

The Universal Laws for Success

Success, or achievement in life, is often referred to as being a science.

In other words, there are certain universal laws of success, that if followed, will lead to you achieving your goals.

So what are the universal laws of success?

The universal laws of success


The first law of success, is that you need to have a burning desire for success.

You need to work out exactly what it is that you want to achieve by setting goals, and working out why you want them.

You will need to make it an absolute MUST for you to achieve it.

People get what they absolutely must achieve.

Not a want or a maybe.

Desire is also outlined in one of the first chapters in the classic book “Think and Grow Rich”

You have to have a burning desire or hunger to achieve your goals and success.

Les Brown says that you “have to be hungry”.

Hungry for success and have a burning desire.

If you don’t have this burning desire, you will do what’s easy, what’s convenient, and slip back into your comfort zone.

You have to be hungry!!

Make an action plan

Next you need to make an action plan.

First you need to find out what you have to do.

Find the best tools, the best strategies, the best resources, the best knowledge, the best education, knowledge, coaches and mentors.

Learn all you can, soak it up like a sponge and then make an action plan on what you are going to do.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

What you want to achieve has already been done.

Find the right mentor and information and model their strategies.

Learn from their mistakes and successes, and set yourself up for success.

Take massive action

Now it is time to do the work!

Nobody is going to do it for you.

There is no get rich quick scheme or easy road.

Massive success requires massive action!

You have the desire and the plan… NOW TAKE MASSIVE ACTION TOWARD YOUR GOALS!

When the knock of opportunity comes to your door, don’t be surprised when it is work that answers!

Take MASSIVE action!

Measure, monitor and adjust

What did I just mention?

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme!

And it is true that every overnight success was years in the making.

You are not going to hit a winner straight away.

Things aren’t going to work.

There will be setbacks, failures, slow progress, distractions, obstacles, doubts, fears, challenges and frustrations.

This is the road to success.

You will need to measure, monitor and adjust along the way.

See what worked, what didn’t and why.

What can you do differently, what else do you need, what to discard and what to do more of.

Keep measuring, monitoring and adjusting along the way.

The universal laws of success

Rinse and repeat

Now take more action!

Take more massive action, measure, monitor and adjust, then take more action… UNTIL you succeed!

Never give up!

Never give up on your dreams!

This is why having a burning desire is so important.

The road to success is paved with many failures, obstacles and ups and downs.

But remember, you only ever truly fail when you quit.

Never, ever give up!

You can do it!

So put into practice the universal laws of success and you will be successful.

It is just a matter of time!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your success,

John W. Newman

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Online Business Mentor.

Dream It… Believe It… Then Achieve It!

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My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. This information is very useful. thank you for sharing. and I will also share information about health through the website

  2. Hello my friend, it sames that a whole lo of people thesedays are looking for the road to financial. But their is a proven formula that everyone must take if they hope to get there. It is good to dream, but we must move beyond those dreams to make it a reality. You have out line in this article those steps to success and financial freedom, thanks for sharing all the best to you.

    • The dream is the first step Norman!

      Follow that up with a plan and massive action, as well as re-adjusting along the way, and you will be well on the road to success!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. You views on achieving success echoes with my beliefs.
    It’s true that you can only achieve what you truly desire and without having a genuine passion for something you cannot truly achieve mastery over it.
    I am a big fan of planning and goal setting but as you’ve rightly said, taking massive action is important as well.

    • Thanks for your comment Josh, all great points that you raise!
      I personally love planning and goal setting as well, but if their is no action, there is no results!
      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  4. Great write up John, it’s really insightful. I love how you detail each good point here, very encouraging. Great advice, thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome insight on the universal laws for success. I think one of the difficulties is to keep a positive mind when we don’t get or have not gotten what we desire yet. Any advice on this? Also, what would make a good action plan, something we can consistently work on toward our goals?

    • Thanks lilywong and some great questions!

      Regarding keeping a positive mind when we don’t yet have what we want, this can be hard and I personally struggle with this at times as well.

      The key is to enjoy the process as much as the destination. Make sure you are consistently taking action steps and celebrate your progress as you go.

      I always like to remember “progress over perfection”

      Reading positive affirmations daily and working on personal development and developing a success mindset also helps.

      As for having an action plan to follow it depends on what you want to achieve, but it is important to break your plan down into small achievable action steps.

      Here is a link to a post I recently did about setting goals, click here and have a read!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. Hi John,
    I absolutely love this article. It is so true that first you have to want it, and then make it happen. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen to you, you have to go out and grab it.
    Setting goals and being positive about the future is great.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks Kris, totally agree, and glad you liked my post!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  7. Great article! I love how you’ve set out the steps to achieve success, which I fully believe apply to any area of our lives. I particularly like how you’ve also pointed out there will be setbacks, disappointments etc. It is so important to recognize any path we take will not be all silver lined! You’ve also make a good point that you only get out of it what you put into it. Sometimes we just don’t want to try hard enough at things in life and then are disappointed with the results.

    • Thanks Kym and great points!

      The road to success is never in a straight line and takes a lot of time and effort.

      Unfortunately, people don’t always realise this and never fulfil their potential.

      You have to cop the knocks along the way and keep going!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  8. Very good honest article here let’s face it making money online is not easy. But you will get out what you put in. You’re absolutely right you must do the work. Nobody will do it for you. Most people forget that part and just give up on trying to make income on the Internet. This is very good information please continue to post more like this. Thank you

    • Thanks Heathguy33, glad you like it!

      You are so right about getting back what you put into it.

      The #1 reason that people fail to make money online is that they don’t take consistent action and they give up.

      Nothing worth having comes easy, and getting rich quick is just a pipe dream that is peddled by the scammers.

      I love writing articles like this because you mindset is the biggest barrier between failure and eventual success!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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