What is the epiphany bridge script?

What is the epiphany bridge script?

The “epiphany bridge” is a marketing concept I recently read about in Russells Brunson’s book “Expert Secrets”.

It’s basically a way to sell a new opportunity through the art of storytelling and using stories to tell your epiphany of what got you excited about the new opportunity in the first place.

Russell explains that people rarely buy logically, but rather they buy emotionally.

And when they have an emotional connection to the new opportunity by hearing your epiphany bridge story, then they are more likely to buy.

So it’s kinda like, using your story to build a bridge between where people currently are, to where they become excited about your new opportunity to the point that they make a purchase…

So that’s the epiphany bridge, but what is the epiphany bridge script?

Watch the video below where Miles walks you through it…

My Epiphany bridge story

As you can see from the diagram above, there are 6 main elements the epiphany bridge script…

  1. Your backstory – which includes a) Your external desires and b) Your internal desires
  2. Wall – what blocked you
  3. Epiphany – Excitement about your new opportunity
  4. The plan
  5. Conflict
  6. Achievement and transformation

I will briefly walk you through my own epiphany bride story to show you how these elements come together…

Several years ago, I was in my mid-thirties working in the mining industry in Western Australia and I was realising that I was unhappy and miserable, working long hours at all times of the day and night away from my family…

And despite earning good money, I had a house and some savings, I just knew my financial situation was NOWHERE near where I wanted it to be or thought it SHOULD be, despite all the years of hard work, as I had a lot of credit card debt and a personal loan I was paying off… (backstory)

I soon decided, with the help of an epiphany while reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, that I would start to earn my fortune in the world of property investment, to escape the rat race forever, and live my life the way I wanted to live it… (external desire)

I also wanted to provide my wife and family… to give them the life they deserved and to prove to them and myself, that I could look after them, and be a great husband and father… (internal desire)

So I quickly began to learn about property investment and personal development, and I invested tens of thousands of dollars in property mentoring groups and courses, as well as buying several properties…

I soon discovered, however, that I had bitten off far more than I could chew… my properties weren’t set up tax efficiently, my property “guru mentors” maybe had their interests ahead of mine, and cash flow was now a huge issue and causing a major strain on myself and my family… (the wall) 

So reluctantly, after learning some valuable lessons, I sold a couple of properties, refinanced, and started to look at ways to increase cash flow… This is when I discovered the world of making money on the internet and decided to start an online business…

An online business was exactly what I had been looking for because it had low start-up costs, it would create cash flow that could be re-directed into growing my business, decreasing debt, increase my lifestyle and invest in growth assets with virtually no risk… (epiphany)

So I found some good mentors and I set out to build an affiliate marketing online business… (the plan)

Even though I knew very well that this was NOT a get rich quick scheme, and my new mentors certainly reinforced this mantra, I soon realised that this would take a lot of work to start seeing some consistent results…

Over the next couple of years, I became obsessed with building my online business, which certainly kept me going, but it also caused some problems…

Even though I wanted to do this for my family, it did cause conflict with my wife at times because I really found it hard to switch off… and at times she struggled with what I was doing because she didn’t really understand the path I was on…

I also became frustrated with my results, because I would make a bit of money, then it stagnated, but it wasn’t consistent, so I constantly searched for new ideas and strategies, which often caused overwhelm… (conflict)

But finally, I found one particular mentor that really resonated with me and I immersed myself in his training…

I also found a group of people that also followed his methods with their own twist that were getting great results…

They were steadily replacing their working income with residual income and leaving their day jobs forever…

And with their help, I began to do the same thing and build up my own consistent, recurring residual income month after month… (achievement)

The one thing that really transformed my results though, was to break free of the mentality of just “making money” and on to helping others…

Over the last several years, I had learned so much, despite my lack of CONSISTENT results… and once I made the mindset shift of using what I had learned to help others in a systemised format, rather than just worrying about making money just for myself, then everything changed…

Learn… Do… Teach… (transformation)

Create your OWN epiphany bridge story

Pretty cool hey?

Now, this is all true, but formatted into the epiphany bridge script, it’s very powerful…

So now it’s your turn…

Write out your own epiphany bridge story using this script.

This is really something that any online entrepreneur (or an aspiring one) needs in their repertoire.

But how would you like a shortcut that could make this whole process a lot easier?

Watch Jim’s video below and you will see what I mean…

Amazing, right?

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This epiphany bridge script really is marketing gold, but it’s only one small part of the Expert Secrets book…

The book is a MUST HAVEand you can currently get it for free… just pay a few bucks for shipping and handling…

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

To your freedom,

John W. Newman

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  1. Hey John,

    Loved your script! Looks like I need to focus on my epiphany bridge script and merge the gap between my customers and I.

    It’s true that people are more likely to buy from you if they trust you and can relate to you, but we don’t always use that connection as an advantage in our business.

    Well I’m gonna start doing it because I know there are people out there that are on the same boat I was on and they need my help.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Great epiphany Diana!
      There certainly are people out there that are just like you was in the past that you can help.
      Using this epiphany bridge script is a great way to connect with these people so you can help them follow in your footsteps towards success!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. great post! I love this script. its engaging and personal. as well as being a great marketing tool, I think its a great way to tell a story in any situation. The book you mention sounds like a great resource, I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks again keep up the great work.

    • Absolutely Evan!!

      Definitely check out Expert Secrets, It’s my marketing “bible” these days 🙂

  3. Hello, John, this is an amazing post that is really full of so many gold nuggets. I have been in this business from 2015 and to tell you the truth even though it is great trying to make those sales have not been easy. Still going through trial and error test but it is good to know that the information you are sharing will help persons like me one day soon God’s willing to be able to live the life that I always wanted to live. Thanks again so much for sharing. Have a good day.

    • It’s not easy Norman, that’s why I don’t like people peddling the “get rich quick” programs and mentality online!
      Like anything else worthwhile, building a business online takes work and perseverance!
      Keep working on it Norman, I know you have been laying a great foundation… You will get there 🙂
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Seems like a really nice way to do the convincing and honestly I have never heard of it until today from your article, how do you make up a story to fit everyone in when you are looking to sell to a large audience or do you make stories that fit everyone’s life profile?

    • Good question Dave, but the main point is you don’t “make up” a story… It has to be your OWN personal story, but just structured in this way.

      The story (stories) depends on what niche you are marketing to… they have to be stories related to that niche or they won’t really make sense or be relatable to your audience.

      Hope that makes sense?

  5. This is so very true. It always takes something difficult to get to that ah-ha moment. I really want to start reading the book of cracking the code. This seems like it is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the awesome information!

  6. You can learn a lot from this no doubt. I think you have some useful info here. I haven’t heard of this but it sounds somewhat interesting. I may have to look into this deeper. Well written and good information.

  7. Powerful script from one of marketing’s most trusted sources. I actually Joined SFI the same day as Russell Brunson and due to illness he finished as class champion but I currently am number 1 in class in part because of all he has taught me and in part to the training from Wealthy Affiliate which I see you have advertised.

    This funnel process taking a person on a personal journey so they happily take your next desired step really works and is how successful sales copy is written. You get scared people all the time telling you to use a pen name, use someone else photo or an avatar, tell people nothing of yourself or you will get your identity stolen. These people don’t make money online but followers of Russell do.

    • Wow Andy, great that you have such a personal connection with Russell!
      People buy from people, they know, like and trust… that’s why sharing your own personal stories and ups and downs will resonate with your audience far more than anything else.
      My biggest secret to making money online is putting yourself out there!
      I can understand how people are scared, I really struggle myself at times and in the past, but it is a real secret of success.
      This epiphany bridge script and Russell’s other strategies help you connect with your audience, help them, and also, ultimately, make more money in return!
      It’s just the way it works!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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