How to Deal With Problems – Turn them into a goal

Problems my road to financial freedom

Problems are a part of life!

One thing we must accept about having problems is that they are a part of life!

I remember an old story about this young guy who was complaining to an older gentleman about all his problems when the old man turned to him and said “the only place you will never have any problems is in the cemetery when you are dead”

Problems are a part of life!

The trick is not to try and escape our problems.

But rather grow ourselves bigger than them and to deal with them head on.

So how do we deal with problems?Problems my road to financial freedom

I have always tried to deal with problems by facing them head on and continuing to work on myself to try and grow myself bigger than my problems.

Recently however, I heard of a way to deal with these adversities by re-framing our problems into a goal to be achieved.

When I heard this it was like a light bulb had lit up in my mind.

Even though I have always tried to face challenges head on, there was always some lingering doubts and worries that would inevitably surface.

I have heard of re-framing problems into challenges or opportunities but still the same fears would occur.

Re-frame our problems into a goal to be achieved!

I have long been a huge fan of goal setting for what it is that we want to achieve out of life.

So why not use this to our advantage with problems as well?

Turning problems into a goal to be achieved forces us to focus on the outcome we want INSTEAD of what we don’t want.

It requires us to form a strategy, remain laser-focused on solving the problem and to achieve our outcome.

This then turns the problem into a true challenge.

Remember, what we focus on expands!

In summary

Facing problems my road to financial freedomSo the next time that you have a problem, immediately re-frame it into a goal to be achieved.

Decide what is the actual outcome that we want and remain laser-focused on achieving that outcome!

Remember there will always be some sort of problem that we have to deal with, but by using this approach we eliminate the fear and have a much better chance of solving it.

A definition of success that I heard from a very successful entrepreneur was “the definition of success is to have different and bigger problems this year than you had last year”

Then you will know you are truly bigger than your problems!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, I will be happy to help.

Until next time, I am John W. Newman and always remember…

Dream It… Believe It… Then Achieve It!


John newman

John newman

My name is John W. Newman. Property investor, Internet entrepreneur, husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Join me on my road to financial freedom! Dream It...Believe It...Then Achieve It!


  1. Hey, John

    I totally agree with you that problems are a part of life and we must learn to tackle them head on if we want to keep moving forward. Many people try to bury their heads in the sand and run away but the problems will always be there.

    Next time I have a problem I might just turn it in to one of my many goals 😉

    We don’t need less problems, we just more skills to overcome them in life.



    • Thanks for your comment Neil!

      I agree you can’t hide from your problems, the best way is to deal with them head on.

      If you then work out the outcome that you want out of the situation and set that as a goal to be achieved ,you eliminate the fear and have a much better chance of achieving that outcome!

  2. One thing that I have always been doing since young is solving problems – family problems, school problems and now, work problems. Because I am someone who doesn’t like to leave problems lying around, it has becomes a daily routine that it feels more like a task than actually solving a problem. The best part is I get better every time so I know problems are there for a good reason.

    • Thanks for your comment Cathy!

      The problems will always be there in some form or another.

      It comes down to our perspective on them and how we then deal with them!

  3. Learned a lot from your article and had taken some good pointers from it. At times, it just really holds you back but as you’ve said, re-frame it to a goal instead.

    Thanks a lot for this great article!

    • Thanks for your comment Bernie!

      Yes problems can hold us back and a there to test us.

      like I say it is how we deal with them that counts!!

  4. Hi John,

    Nice post couldn’t agree more.
    My wife suffers from irritable bowl syndrome, and she’s just started a blog about how she lives with it. Long story short… turns into a positive for the whole family… healthier diet, weight loss. more energy.

    • Thank you for you comment Richard!

      It is great to hear that your family has turned a negative into a positive.

      If you look hard enough there is usually a positive or some good to come out of any situation. Even if only a lesson learned!

  5. Great article, John! It really is all about mindset… as a saying goes: you’re either dealing with a problem, comming out of a problem, or going towards one. Knowing how to turn every situation into a gain of some sort, is one of the most powerful skills one can have.

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